The Football Club

FCUSA Coastal is a year-round premier soccer program, in Massachusetts, which creates a competitive and positive environment for players of all ages.  

National Structure:   The Football Club USA is a national soccer initiative to create or manage high level competitive soccer clubs. The Football Club USA is owned and operated by U.K. Elite Soccer. We provide clubs with the valuable resources and coaching staff they need to maintain a superior coaching environment as well as a national network of opportunities for every player and member of staff.

Curriculum:  The combination of quality staff relaying a national message results in the creation of dynamic and state of the art curriculum.  We start with our youngest players and use the medium of soccer to introduce players to movement, balance and, of course, the fundamentals of the game. Our coaches help us to create technical players who will one day thrive in the most competitive playing environments.  Consistent ideas, terminology and practice structure, give players a firm ground to build confidence as a player.

Locations:  FCUSA Coastal has 3 different locations all based in Massachusetts.
  1. FCUSA Coastal - based in South Shore, Kingston
  2. FCUSA Coastal North - based in Blue Hills, Canton
  3. FCUSA Cape Cod - based in Osterville, Cape Cod


Summer Select Elite and Premier Programs - For The Serious Soccer Player!


We will be announcing details of our six week Summer development program in the new year.

Summer Select runs late June through July and offers top class coaching and tournament play to participants, both from inside and outside the club. 
FCUSA creates teams that train through the summer on a regular basis.  All teams will compete at a high quality tournament and the instruction given will challenge every player in all aspects of their game.  This program is designed to compliment your child's current team/club/program and is open to all FCUSA Coastal players. For further details please click on the link below marked, "Summer Teams".